Programmatically list AWS services

Someone recently asked about the best way to built an UI on top of the AWS APIs without hardcoding the services. You can programmatically retrieve the list of AWS services by leveraging the Support API.

The AWS Support API is only available for clients on the Business/Enterprise support plans.

To list both the name and service code run the following command:

aws support describe-services --query "services[*].[code,name]" --region us-east-1

If you only want to get the names then run:

aws support describe-services --query "services[*].name" --region us-east-1
AWS CLI output


I’m calling the API with the us-east-1 region since my default region is eu-west-1. The Support API has only 1 endpoint (us-east-1) and it needs to be specifically passed unless your default region is us-east-1.